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Book Reviews

“The author of this book certainly did his research. Not only is the practical advice offered in this book usable, but its completely current and relevant. Most parents think that monitoring computer time or asking their kids what they are doing is enough. Bowers points out that this is obviously not the case anymore. Technology is only growing, and with it comes ways for children to get hurt – emotionally, physically and spiritually. All too often this is happening in private, with the parent completely oblivious to what is going on. We no longer have an excuse to be out of the loop.

This book should be owned by every parent who wants their children to take advantage of the blessing of technology without risking their well-being. It encourages responsible parenting, and teaches you the “why” behind the “how.” It’s not enough to know that you should protect your kids – you have to know from what you are protecting them and why it’s important….and then finally HOW you can do it. The author is obviously not only an expert of technology and its uses, but also a concerned parent, who genuinely wants to see kids made safe. Get this book – heck, get a Kindle just so you can download this book. Or order a hard copy from his website. Give it as a gift…something. Get the word out so our kids can remain tech-savvy without being in danger.”

Nick Parsons
IT Manager, Outdoor Channel


“Bryan’s book Keep Your Family Safe Online is a gift to families. I am so grateful for this practical guide! I encourage others to use it to protect themselves and those that they love.”

Ian Utile, founder
Take No Glory band


“Bryan Bowers’ Keep Your Family Safe Online is the Must Read book for this century.  When I raised my daughters there was minor need for media awareness, but with media-savvy grandchildren, and other parents looking to me for guidance, I MUST keep up with what goes on in their world.  Mr. Bowers covers these subjects thoroughly, in an easy-to-understand way that almost immediately gave me peace of mind.  Bryan Bowers brings great credit to his parenting, and the technology industry.  THIS IS A BOOK I WILL BE DISTRIBUTING FAR AND WIDE!”

Rev. “Papa Larry” Owen
Covenant Springs Church


“As a retired police officer with 3 teenage daughters Bryan’s eBook Keeping Your Family Safe Online is very timely for my family. But, this eBook is not only for parents of teens but, for any parent, grand parent, guardian, or mentor who has a child who has access to the internet or a cell phone. Technology has exploded over the last few years in relation to how fast people are able to communicate due to both hardware technology evolution and the growth of social networking on the internet. Bryan does a great job of covering all the bases both web and cell phone when it comes to dangerous situations that can occur from contact with strangers. He informs parents of warning signs as well as preventative measures to ensure their children stay safe while online or texting. 

Keeping Your Family Safe Online is really for the whole family and not just for parents. This eBook should be read by the whole family, husbands, wives, grand parents, baby sitters, children, etc so all can be aware of the dangers that lurk on the web. Great job Bryan and thank you for helping to protect our (my) children.”

Mike Vallez
Retired Police Officer


“Keep Your Kids Safe Online is a must read for all parents.  As a father myself, Bryan has opened up the technological naïveness I never knew I possessed.  With the cellular and internet industry growing at such a rapid rate, WE MUST put ourselves into the position of being more indoctrinated, not uneducated in these areas!  The heart of a child is precious and first and foremost in the Kingdom of God (Matthew 18:1-7).  It is our responsibility as parents to protect them from the outside evils the world has to offer them!  Keep Your Kids Safe Online is a great tool in which God has provided to help parents keep such evils out and keep a godly heart within.”

Garrett J. Breeland, President
Skandalon Ministries