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Internet Safety for Kids Podcast – Episode #18

29 Aug Posted by in Podcasts | 1 comment

Bryan Bowers interviews Keith Dunn of KDCop.  Keith is a retired police officer from New Jersey who worked extensively with youth and Internet crimes against children. This is the second in a two part series.

Listen as they discuss the following topics relating to child predators:

  • Online predators are the biggest fear relating to children for law enforcement
  • How Keith would open 350 cases a month (11 per day) for online predators
  • Anyone can be a predator and is not the stereotypical middle aged male
  • 20-30 year olds the biggest threat to kids today
  • Online activities that attract child predators
  • Reasons why kids do not report victimization
  • How predators are now communicating and sharing information with each other
  • New methods used by child predators to locate victims
  • How monitoring can help prevent your child from being exploited
  • The process to report a predator to law enforcement
  • How education is the key to prevention
  • Plus lots more

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